The best labor protection changing rooms

If you have come this far it is because you are interested in buying the best work clothes. We will analyze the best brands of chemical protective clothing, sanitary pajamas, workwear for men, women, industrial, cleaning, construction.


We will analyze category by category of each type of clothing, the best brands so that you can make the best purchase.

1. Acid and radiation resistant protective clothing 


  • Chemical protective clothing, Category III, Type 5-B and 6-B
  • EN 14126 (barrier against infectious agents), EN 1073-2 (protection against radioactive contamination)
  • Antistatic treatment (EN 1149-5) – on both sides
  • Stitched external seams
  • Very low inlet leakage due to optimized design

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  • Material: High-quality heat-insulating and fire-retardant fabric, effectively protecting firefighters and high-temperature workers from oncoming heat sources without being burned by heat, flames or steam.
  • * Multi-layer insulation: with multiple layers of insulation, excellent anti-high temperature effect
  • * Scope of application: insulation, radiation, anti-scalding, high temperature metallurgical steel workwear, widely used in fires with strong radiant heat
  • * Size: height 1.9 meters or more use extra large (XXXL); height 1.80 meters about the size of the large one (XXL); height 1.75 meters above the middle (XL); height 1.70 or less wear small (L)
  • * Special note: Insulation suits are used to prevent heat radiation and are not in direct contact with open flames. Because the surface is reflective aluminum, it is not resistant to rough or sharp objects, so this product cannot be used as labor insurance products


  • ★ Safe, latex-free, made from lightweight melt-spun polypropylene (SMS) material.
  • ★ Lightweight and breathable fabric provides a cool and comfortable work environment.
  • ★ Long front zipper, elastic cuffs, waist, ankles and attached hood, serrated seams to help provide higher standard protection.
  • ★ Dust and waterproof, epidemic prevention barrier, prevent blood penetration, antistatic;
  • ★ COMMON USES in clinics, hospitals, laboratories, workshops, construction sites, painting, commercial and home inspections, maintaining insulation, etc. for insulation and general protection;

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  • Strength with the lightweight and durable nonwoven fabric and polyethylene liner.
  • splash protection for use in a variety of industrial settings, including oil, pulp and paper refining, food processing, chemical processing, and pharmaceutical production.
  • Made of high quality SMS non-woven fabric, good air permeability, sturdy and durable, air out of the block.
  • Hood Design: With protective cap design and elastic wing design, it can effectively block dust or small particles.
  • Zipper design, easy to put on and take off. Elastic cuffs, ankles and waist, light weight, comfortable to wear.

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  • Insulating clothing: mainly provides insulation protection for firefighters or other workers working in high temperature places
  • High-quality materials: the use of high-quality materials, durable.
  • * Uses: steel making, chemicals, foundry, ceramic, glass, aluminum, high temperature furnace.
  • * Good process, anti-aging: added by special process, adding anti-aging ingredients to improve shelf life
  • * Insulated harness, clear glass window design, an oversized hat can be used to cover the helmet; thermal insulation suit, professional material resistant to high temperatures, fire retardant, light and flexible


  • The insulating suit is made of fire retardant fabric composed of aluminum foil, which is protective clothing for firefighters to enter the fire field to fight vicious fires and rescue them. It is one of the special protective equipment for firefighters.
  • * Insulation suits have good fire and heat resistance, and have the advantages of lightweight material and softness.
  • * This clothing is not only suitable for firefighters to carry out fire fighting and rescue in the fire zone of the fire, but also suitable for high temperature repair in the glass, cement and ceramic lamp industry. Widely used
  • * Full body protection for places with strong heat radiation. With heat radiation resistance, high temperature resistance, light weight and softness, waterproof and other properties.
  • * Material Compatible with flame retardant aluminum composite fabric Fabric Comfort layer, Size: S, M, L, XL

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  • Light Duty Fire Fighting Suits – Firefighters wear protection against chemical hazards or corrosive substances when participating in fire fighting and rescue operations at fire and accident sites where hazardous chemicals and corrosive substances are present. clothing
  • * Material: flame retardant cotton silk cloth, antifoam flame retardant double-sided coating, Size: S-XXXL
  • * Features: high protection and safety, only carbonization in case of fire, no drops and good strength, used as the main village, made of clothing and gloves by the sewing stick industry
  • * Professional antimicrobial boots: deep pattern non-slip sole, easy to walk, high-quality butadiene rubber, wear-resistant alkali and acid anti-oil, antimicrobial boots thickness up to 3mm, excellent heat insulation performance
  • * Professional anti-chemical gloves: soft and elastic, comfortable and comfortable. Imported acid and alkali resistant PU + natural rubber material

2. Type A Safety Leggings 

Universal for use with chainsaw

  • Universal: Type A safety leg loops, only with front protection. One size
  • Protection: 6 layers of abrasion resistant protective material. Certified to EN381-5 class 1 (20 m / s)
  • Adjustable: Light, practical and ergonomic, with an adjustable belt and 4 adjustable straps on each leg
  • Safety first: 180 ° protection on the front of the legs. They are cool and breathable so you can wear them all day
  • Impact resistant PP hull
  • Easy-to-adjust six-point harness
  • Mesh visor made of stainless steel
  • With six ventilation holes for high breathability

3. Hunting and Fishing Vest

  • Lightweight leisure or outdoor vest with 14 functional pockets
  • Large back pocket with side pockets
  • 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton
  • quilted jacket
  • Durable, cotton-blend fabric cloth
  • Inner part of the back with breathable mesh fabric – stable zippers
  • Material: outer material: 80% polyester, 20% cotton Net lining: 100% polyester
  • Materials: This men’s outdoor vest made of cotton polyester, abrasion resistant, moisture breathable, quick dry, breathable, soft and comfortable, washable, lightweight.
  • Mutilple Pockets: Men’s outer vests with Mutil pocket designs for more storage space and all necessary supplies during outdoor activities.
  • Polyester Cotton + Mesh
  • Sleeveless
  • Men outdoor, multi-pocket, fishing, photography vest with multifunctional rings / hooks Hanging Type Can hang hooks, keys, kettle, etc., Pull soft, strong and durable.
  • Apply for: Outdoor Men’s Quick Dry Jacket Vest Ideal for mountaineering, hiking, fishing, photography, leisure, camping, adventure and other outdoor excursions to meet the needs of a variety of outdoor scenes.
  • This comfortable men’s vest is perfect and useful in daily life, suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter.
  • Safari-style waterproof vest in Oxford fabric combined with anti-thorn Ripstop.
  • V-neckline, yoke and nylon zip closure.
  • 50% Polyester, 50% Rayon
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Two overlapping chest bags with nylon zip closure. Two large-capacity interior entrances on the sides. Two side bags with gussets and velcro wallet. A large capacity bag with double access and velcro closure on the back.
  • High resistance ripstop fabric. Edged with bias. Mesh inner lining.
  • Main Fabric: 50% Polyester 50% Rayon (145 g / m2). Secondary Fabric: 100% Polyester (150 g / m2).

4. Breathable protective suit

  • * Fabrics: multiple layers of thick protection, fire retardant layer, a waterproof and moisture permeable insulation layer, a comfort layer.
  • * Protective clothing is comfortable to wear, easy to move, suitable for protective work, has good elasticity, effectively protects acids, alkalis, dust particles, antistatic for industrial, paint, chemical experiments, pesticides, pipe installation, cleaning of equipment, etc.
  • * Split Design – The upper and lower sections are designed to keep firefighters unobstructed and comfortable during the event.
  • * Product features: flame retardant, heat resistant, pressure resistant color and the logo are very eye-catching, highlighting the characteristics of the industry.
  • * Scope of application: factory fires, construction fires, road rescue, etc.

5. Overall, Men’s Dungarees

  • high-back crossover style
  • Hammer loop and double tool pocket
  • 100% cotton
  • Closure: Zipper
  • machine wash
  • High-rise monkey.
  • Large pocket bib with pencil division and pocket watch

6. Sanitary pajamas

7. Cleaning Clothes


What is the complete protective clothing?

Costume  protection  Chemical (or suit  full ): used clothing to protect against chemicals, which covers the entire body, including head, trunk, arms (hands) and legs (feet), and you have no need to use other of garment to cover parts of the body.

What are safety garments?

Protective clothing is defined  as  the clothes  that  replaces or covers personal clothing, and  it is designed to provide protection against one or more hazards. Protective clothing is usually classified based on the specific hazard for which it is intended to protect.

What usage rule applies to protective clothing?

Personal protective Equipment. … From the date  it  comes into force this  standard  will not impact the  Norma  Official  Mexicana  NOM-017-STPS-2008, equipment  protection  personnel-selection,  use  and management in the workplace, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on December 9, 2008.

What is protective clothing against mechanical risk?

Protective clothing against mechanical risk

They are specific fabrics, created with unique properties that resist cutting and have the ability, for example, to jam moving parts.

What type of protection should the worker use when exposed to the projection of particles in processes such as grinding?

Risk of  projection of particles  or liquids. In case of exposure to radiation  are  glasses used  protection  against radiation. …  It  is also used when  exposed to the projection of particles in processes  such as  grinding  or   similar processes ; to protect eyes and face.

How do anti radiation suits work?

The CBN suit protects you from direct skin contact with radioactive dust that remains in suspension in the atmosphere after an atomic explosion. This dust is usually about 40 days in suspension, but it can vary according to atmospheric conditions. 

What material prevents radiation?

Coverage: lead, concrete or water barriers protect against the penetration of gamma rays and X-rays.

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