RCCB Residual Current Circuit breaker Checks and Repairs

If you have found that your circuit has suddenly opened and you want to determine what the fault is, it may be that the origin was in your circuit breaker box. Therefore it is important that you know how to test if your RCCB Residual Current Circuit breaker is in good condition.

RCCB Residual Current Circuit breaker is an electrical device that is installed in the box of brakers or switches, which is intended to open the electrical circuit quickly and safely when there are leaks. When there is a bypass, if the differentials are in perfect condition, then it will open the supply, if such bypass does not imply a current leak, then the equipment will remain in tension. What supposes that, if someone touches it, the currents will pass through his body, at that point, the RCCB will disconnect the installation in a very short time so as not to cause any damage.

Incidentally, if the ID is high sensitivity equal to or less than 30 mA, then there will be additional protection for direct contacts.

RCCB switches have two moving elements:

They consist of a tab and a Test button.

Apart from the RCCB switches, in the electrical panels there are other types of protections (such as circuit breakers, which protect against overloads of the installation and against short circuits), these are distinguished because they do not have a Test button.

So that there can be protection and good operation, the switches

Differentials must be checked at least monthly.

To carry out this procedure it must be done by means of a

Simple operation: simply press the TEST BUTTON (button marked with a T), which simulates a defect in the installation. After this, the RCCB must act disconnecting the circuit, in case of having several IDs

it will be only part of the installation.

To end the verification process, once the

operation of the RCCB switch you must proceed to lift the tab

of the switch to restore power to the affected area.

If the RCCB does not respond by checking, a qualified electrician is required to check the installation.

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Indicators that the RCCB is faulty

These are the indicators to know that the RCCB switch is in bad condition or in its defect, totally damaged:

If the RCCB switch operates without the Test button being pressed, it can be reconnected manually;

If this action is frequent in the ID, it is an indicator that there is a fault or bypass in the installation; in this case it is necessary to find out the cause and correct it.

Restoring the correct insulation in the area derived from the installation

Separate from it the receiver that produced the shot

Check if the RCCB works correctly or is incorrectly installed.

Skip the RCCB when I’m not home

RCCB breaker failures

To know how to check if a RCCB switch works correctly, you need to follow these guidelines.

The cause of earth leakage or circuit breakers to fail is often the contact of the conductors with a metal object, bypassing through a ground conductor. It is vitally important to note that if all electronic devices are disconnected and the RCCB still continues to trip, the fault must be located in the rifle and its connections.

It is also possible that the problem is triggered by the action of an electrical storm that overloads the electrical transformers on the streets.

When the causative factor is of an external nature, then there are two differentials which we can choose:

The Rearmable Differential

As its name implies, it rearms how many times it is programmed

The Immunized Supe Differential

This includes invasive current flow filters that can cause a shunt to blow up the differential.

Electric RCCB does not reset

In case you notice that the RCCB switch does not automatically reset, it is because it has completed the reset cycle for which it was programmed, and this is because the problem that caused the switch to trip suddenly, is still present and must be solved. .

Why the circuit breaker jumps

As we know that the function of the circuit breaker is to disconnect the power supply when a current of value greater than the nominal current of the switch circulates through it. However, what may be the cause?

It can be caused by an overload of the circuit (that you have more electrical devices connected than it can bear) or simply by a short circuit. This obviously causes the thermomagnetic circuit to jump for no apparent reason.

The power goes out, but the RCCB does not jump

If this is the case that your switches are presenting or the RCCB jumps from time to time and for no apparent reason, these are the steps to follow when a RCCB jumps:

It is possible that some RCCB is failing and is in the off state even though it is on. It is necessary to determine which of all is the one that causes the failure, disconnecting them and reconnecting one by one and testing if they recover power again. If you can determine which one is failing, you just need to replace it.

How to know if a RCCB is broken?

Differentials are very delicate and sensitive devices, this makes it very easy to find out if they are subject to currents outside the expected range or an error in calculating the amperage of the thermals of the panel.

To find out if this time, just go to the main box, and extract one by one to see its physical condition, if it is broken inside it is a little more difficult, you can do some tests with the tab turning on and off, if it does not turn on easily or stays halfway it may be broken, you can find an experienced electrician to do continuity tests or other rigor tests.

RCCB test button does not work

In case you are going to perform a test run on your differential, and note that the test button does not work, you may need to discard this device, as it may be damaged, this button is one of the most reliable indicators for test whether it is in good condition or not.

Skip the RCCB and I can’t raise it

This is a very common case that happens to differentials, the most likely causing the problem is that there is a potential short circuit and you should urgently call your experienced electrician. You can check all the plugs in the house in the meantime, if you see any abnormality, smoke or burning smell, this is an indication of a short circuit. If when you unplug any appliance, the light comes back on, then you already know where the problem arose. If I plug in the washing machine and the automatic jumps is another indication.

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