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ATH pre-filtro Neo-Sense MYRO-7
  • Repuesto de Prefiltro Neo-Sense 12" (A) para equipos de osmosis inversa: Coway Myro-7



Why buy a Myro 7 Reverse Osmosis equipment?

Our Myro 7 reverse osmosis equipment has the highest calidae standards so that you can filter your water in a Myro 7 way that is safe against all types of impurities and heavy metals, as well as all types of bacteria.

What is reverse osmosis and what is it for?

The reverse osmosis is literally a water filtration system that operates by using pressure. With the force of this pressure, the water is led through a semi-permeable membrane, from a less concentrated solution to a more saline solution to balance the concentrations.

What does reverse osmosis remove?

Myro 7 Reverse Osmosis System , The main element of the unit is a 0.0001 micron reverse osmosis membrane that completely removes bacteria, heavy metals, salts, harmful mineral substances and other dissolved matter in the water.

What does Myro 7 reverse osmosis remove?

Myro 7 Reverse Osmosis System The main element of the unit is a 0.0001 micron reverse osmosis membrane that completely removes bacteria, heavy metals, salts, harmful mineral substances and other dissolved matter in the water.

Reverse osmosis examples

Note that in reverse osmosis , only water passes through the semi-permeable membrane. In other words, the water in the high concentration zone goes to the low concentration zone. If the high concentration is salt, for example sea ​​water, when pressure is applied, the sea water passes to the other side of the membrane.

Price of Myro 7 Reverse Osmosis filters

Prices usually vary between size, utility, type of stages, quality, use. You can identify the different prices that we have available in our online store.

Our iversa osmosis filters deserve the best opinions of professionals in the field due to their manufacture and durability.

The osmosis team is equipped with the best quality standards, as we have mentioned before to give you the best result.


Our membranes are made of the best quality membranes to provide you with an efficient and effective service against impurities and thus take care of your health.


Reverse Osmosis Scheme

Reverse osmosis scheme


Where to buy the Myro 7 reverse osmosis filter system?

You can buy the filters both from our portal and from the amazon site.


Where to get Myro 7 Reverse Osmosis spare parts?

You can get the spare parts in our portal directly, or from the amazon site.

Myro 7 Reverse Osmosis System Maintenance

Maintenance is simple, just replace the membranes and you’re done. If you require another type of repair,

you should consult a specialist.

How to assemble a Myro 7 reverse osmosis equipment?

Water intake placement

Close the tap on the cold water hose that
feeds your kitchen tap. If not, close the general
water tap in your home.
Unscrew the cold water hose.
Install the 3/8 ”wrench included in the installation kit, placing the
gaskets (Although Teflon is better)
Then reconnect the hose to the
recently installed 3/8” socket . Connect one end of the tube to the
tap fitting and the other end to the water inlet of our equipment (8)


Dispensing tap placement:


Drill a 12mm hole in the
sink, making sure the bottom is accessible for

Insert the tap thread together with the chrome trim ring and the
sealing gasket through the upper part of the worktop or
steel sink .

At the bottom of the thread, connect the remaining parts in the
following order: lock washer, washer, and nut. Tighten the
nut firmly, to ensure the correct fixation of the tap on your

Insert one end of the pipe into the chrome
female thread connection , place the white plastic oval at the end of the pipe
and insert the white straight piece into the pipe. Once we
have it, screw it onto the lower thread of the tap, ensuring
tightness. Then connect the other end to
the post filter outlet elbow (FAUCET).

Drain connection: It is recommended to install the collar after
the sink siphon to avoid noises from the rejection of water,
although it can also be installed before.
Drill a 6mm hole, fit the collar by tightening the nuts.
Connect a tube for the drain and the other end to the restrictor

Storage tank connection: Do not manipulate the air in the
tank. Take the plastic valve (
blue handle ) from the installation kit and screw it onto the accumulation tank.

To ensure tightness, use roll (not thread) Teflon
for the tank thread and tighten by hand without overdoing it.
Subsequently, connect another pipe that connects the tank with the other
end of the post filter (TANK).

Commissioning of the equipment

• Check that all connections are secure and
• Disconnect the tubing that goes from the third filter outlet to the
4-way valve, taking it to a bucket or drain.
• Slowly open the tap of the water tap and you can see how
black water begins to come out of the pipe that we have just
disconnected. Once the black (
activated carbon powder ) stops coming out (it may not come out), close the inlet
port and reconnect the tube to the four-way valve.
• Open the inlet valve again and let the equipment work for 4 hours. After
4 hours, empty the tank completely (
black, cloudy or whitish water may come out , this is normal).
• Repeat this operation 2-4 times until the water
runs clear (this process will be repeated at each filter change).
• From now on you will be able to consume your osmotic water.
• The tank that comes in the equipment is already loaded with air
(0.5kg), in no case do you have to modify it without the
consent of the manufacturer


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