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Why buy our Soehnle scales?

Our Soehnle scales are specialized and have the highest quality in the market, this is the reason why you should buy your kitchen scales, body weight, or if you only want to use it in the bathroom with us, because we have the professionals and scientists who are daily doing research to improve them.

Our Soehnle scales are also found in many international stores such as IKEA, they are available in the Amazon store, Carrefour and many others.

The best Soehnle and Soehnle industrial scales in the world in our store have affordable prices, so if you want to buy our scales you can go to the links on our site.


What types of scales are there?


Calibration of Soehnle scales will depend on their type and whether they are mechanical or Soehnles.

In the case of mechanical scales, these can work by counterweight, with an elastic spring or a bridge with a lever system.

Counterweight scales

They act through a lever mechanism. This mechanism transforms the force corresponding to the weight into a moment of forces, which in turn is balanced by moving a pylon along a graduated bar, where the weight can be read.


Scales with elastic spring

They are the evolution of the counterweight lever scales. They have an elastic spring and are based on the elastic deformation of a spring that supports the gravitational action of the weight to be measured. These types of scales measure the force exerted by the object due to the action of gravity, that is, they measure weight and not mass. But both values ​​are related by the following formula:

P= m . g

Where P is weight, m ​​is mass, and g is gravity.


Soehnle electronic scales

Today’s Soehnle scales work with electronic methods and systems that display the mass of the object or person being weighed on an easy-to-read display. These scales use sensors called load cells or load cells. These cells consist of a piece of metal to which strain gauges are attached.

These gauges change their electrical resistance when they are pulled or compressed due to the weight of the object.

If the cell is subjected to stresses above its capacities, the metal of the cell body goes into an inelastic zone (it acquires permanent deformations and does not return to its initial state), this can alter the readings and the scale is practically unusable, since loses its precision. For this reason, manufacturers place screws to limit the movement of the scale platform, in order to limit its movement and its action on the cell.


How to connect a scale or electronic weighing scale or Soehnle scale to a PC

Read weight values ​​directly into Excel

Most Soehnles balances and laboratory balances have an RS232 (serial) port or a USB port; however, instructions are not normally provided to show you how to properly connect it to your PC or how to enter weight values ​​directly into programs such as Excel or Access. The steps below will show you how to connect your scale to a PC and identify which port the scale is connected to and also how to enter weight readings directly into Microsoft Excel.

All you will need is a suitable cable that connects from the scale to your PC and a Windows program called “Software Wedge”. In this example, we will use a product called BC-Wedge from TAL Technologies, Inc ..

Note: This tutorial assumes that your scale or balance has a “Print” button that will transmit weight values ​​to a PC. Most scales and balances have one, although it may not be clearly marked. You may need to read the user manual for your scale or contact its manufacturer to find out exactly how it works. If your scale does not have a Print button, it does not necessarily mean that it cannot send weight data to a PC. It means you probably need a more advanced software wedge like TAL Technologies’ WinWedge product.


Kitchen scale

You can purchase our best kitchen scales or scales to make the best recipes with the largest possible Soehnle.

Soehnle bioimpedance scale

Dietary interventions are more effective the more information is available from the patient. The usual scales offer weight information only and many times no information is obtained on whether the weight loss is within the parameters that the patient is interested in. The new bioimpedance scales help the nutritionist to know the amount of muscle, fat and water of any person through a simple measurement. There are many types available to professionals, but among them, we have the so-called multi-compartment ones that also offer us information on muscle and fat in different areas of the body, helping to personalize diets. “Bioimpedance scales send a small imperceptible current between the base and some controls that the user carries in the hands.


Differentiate muscle from fat

Sometimes there are people who want to lose weight and who, despite properly following their diet, do not succeed. In these cases we must investigate what the causes may be; sometimes your water intake may be low or incorrect or your muscle and fat percentages off balance. Bioimpedance scales, especially the multi-compartment ones that offer percentages of fat and muscle in the trunk, arms and legs, help to know if the weight loss is taking place in a balanced way. In order to lose weight, it is not only necessary to insist on the number of total calories consumed, but also if the water intake is adequate or if the metabolism of the person who wants to lose weight is adequate. The more information we have, the more we can personalize the dietary intervention “, emphasizes Elena Pérez Montero.

You don’t always lose weight from where you want to. “Bioimpedance scales help us to know the amount of fat and muscle in different areas of the body. To lose weight in the desired area it is important to perform specific exercises for this area. With the information from the bioimpedance scales we can make suggestions to patients about the greatest benefit to be gained by exercising in these areas. “

Soehnle bathroom scale

We have the best Soehnle scales so you can measure your weight every time you go to your bathroom and have the best control of your weight as you go through your exercises and diets.

Soehnle scale price

The prices of our scales will vary depending on the utility, brand, size, you can go to our online catalogs as well as the reviews and comparisons of our experts and make a good decision according to your budget.

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