Best Marketing and Press Release Distribution Services

If you have started to enter the business world, and have created a new startup company, then you absolutely need to have notoriety in the world. And you want to tell them about those potential customers that you already exist and that they need from you.

For that, you need to create a targeting marketing strategy and create what is called a public relations (PR) plan, through a good press release distribution / delivery service.

In the market there are many companies that offer press release distribution services but in this article we are going to show you an in-depth review of which are the best company pages that you should consider when hiring one of these services.

Let’s start with the first company that I want to recommend you:






24-7pressrelease It is one of the world’s leading press release services that has been around since 2004, thus adding a high rate of Reliability and prestige for clients and the targeting marketing services they offer.
PACKAGES ✓ Mass Media Visibility

✓ Integrated Media PRO

PR Network PLUS

✓ Visibility Boost

✓ Simple Post


Mass Media Visibility

The premium package distributes your news to PR Newswire’s 4,500+ websites for maximum online visibility.
Integrated Media PRO

(best valued)

The most popular package distributes its news to traditional and online media, reaching newspapers and journalists.
PR Network PLUS
The intermediate package distributes your news to Associated Press and additional online media partners.
Visibility Boost
Pack home is ideal for businesses of all sizes seeking to increase its presence online visibility.
Simple Post
The non-distribution package will post your story on our website for Internet readers only.

24-7 Press Release Newswire has been in business for nearly 15 years, with news distribution channels including more than 30,000 Associated Press and PR Newswire members. Some of the more prominent companies we publish news for include major hotels (  Holiday Inn  ,  Hampton & Fairfield Inn & Suites  ),  Church’s Chicken  ,  Fishbowl,  and  NASA,  to name a few.



  • 24-7 Press Release Newswire   is a well established and top rated website
  • Increase your visibility in the media and online
  • They create publicity and buzz for you
  • They share on social networks, doing what is called social media marketing
  • Provide affordable reach to your goal


ONE presswire


ONE presswire


EIN Presswire, the Presswire ™   is a market disruptor and has quickly become a trusted service for professional communicators and when organizations need to present their news to the media, stakeholders and the online news seeking public. 
Get Recognized✓ Pro
Promote SuccessfullyPro+Expand Your Reach✓ Corporate
Worldwide Attention


EIN Presswire owns and maintains its own proprietary distribution technologies and is building new paths forward when it comes to targeting marketing . Most traditional press release distribution services rely on third-party vendors to reach the media, and those costs are passed on to the customer. Their business model created expensive but limited geographic circuits or news lines.


  • Hit the Wires : They are the world’s leading online news service. Leveraging its enterprise-level news aggregation, its news cables go out and host news from every state in the US, and countries provide proprietary distribution around the world to journalists, newsrooms, and millions of readers.
  • Get Distributed – Your press release will be automatically distributed to a growing list of third-party publisher sites, as well as EIN Presswire news cables.
  • Shipping to Newsrooms Worldwide – Your World Media Directory is a comprehensive and pre-eminent database of human-curated details for editorial desks and journalists. We deliver your press release directly to these newsrooms for maximum exposure.
  • Push the  networks  Social  : EIN Presswire select more than 150 content and regional news today on Twitter and Facebook. We blend your press releases into relevant feeds to maximize reach and enable viral opportunities.
  • Sending to Mobile Devices  : Our cutting-edge news apps deliver current and breaking news directly to users’ mobile devices, including relevant press releases from our news cables.
  • Get SEO Profits  – We display ourselves organically through dominant SEO positioning, and by hosting your press release, you will get high-quality backlinks.






Sitetrail is a trusted fulfillment center used by marketers and businesses around the world.

They have extensive media ownership and experience and are growing in various niches, giving you exceptional reach and competitive advantage. Serving both smaller bluechip clients and S & P500 companies.


✓ Unlimited Monthly Editorial News

Write your own news and get unlimited monthly distribution on GNews

✓ Press release and editorial news (BUSINESS)
1 editorial + 1 press release syndicated to over 200 media sites
✓ Press release and editorial news (POPULAR)
All functions of BUSINESS + DA68 and DA85 ( and
✓ Premium press and editorial news
All POPULAR Features + APNews, YahooFinance and Entrepreneur



  • Reach millions

Reach as many traditional media at the lowest possible cost, guaranteed. Our connections to the media are unrivaled, enabling both press releases and editorial news with major news sites. Build diversity of links and get more citations from Google News.

  • No contracts

A complete pay-as-you-go service without the need for annual contracts. No additional hidden charges. What you see is what you get. Perfect for agencies, B2B and B2C clients.

  • Unique editorial coverage

The only platform that offers a unique editorial news inclusion: break away from boring and inefficient press releases. We reach out to media circles to target influencers and media owners with their press releases.

  • Powerful media distribution at your fingertips

Once approved, our press releases and editorial content are indexed by Google News, Bing News, Global Newsdesk partners, hundreds of site owners via plugin cable for WordPress, via RSS feed, journalist emails and social media channels. Each press release is submitted to one of the world’s largest media directories (worth $ 1000), the World Media Directory, as well as to niche-focused blogging networks to increase participating news sites.

Many of his clients’ press releases are seen often on APNews, CBS, MSNBC, Yahoo News, Marketwatch, CNBC, EuroWeeklyNews, and NBC. Subscribers to the global media directory include more than 500 journalists from all industries. 


What are press releases and conferences?

press conference  is an event in  which  different media and news agencies are summoned in the same space, to provide them with the same information at the same time, on a specific topic.

What subject does the press release present?

The basic answer to this question is as follows: a  press release  is a short written summary or update to alert the local media to the group’s news and activities. … Written concise and clear to convey the message quickly and easily to the reader.


Importance of press releases for companies

Business credibility 

The  press releases  are still the most reliable way to announce developments in your  company  to others. They are the best way to raise awareness about your business and its existence.

Benefits of press releases for your company

A press release offers you a wide range of benefits for your business and is still an essential way to frame the conversation around your brand.

Never lose sight of the fact that a press release is addressed to journalists, and therefore to your target audience.

A press release is not a piece of writing talking about how wonderful your company is, it is a piece that will get others talking about your company.

The difference is subtle, almost minimal, but that will be what will make the difference if your press release is successful.

What is targeting Marketing ?

The  Targeting  is a section of Online Marketing  that  is to align target advertising to the needs of the clients  that  you want to reach. In the field of SEA and display advertising,  targeting  is essential for optimizing the advertising budget.

 Marketing Digital

Digital Marketing  is the set of strategies aimed at promoting a brand on the internet. It  differs from   traditional  marketing by  including the use of channels and methods that allow the analysis of results in real time.

What is Social Media Marketing?

The  Social Media Marketing  (or  marketing  media  social ) is a combination of actions and objectives of the  digital marketing  with the ability to disseminate networks  social , as part of the overall communication strategy of a company.

What is Social Media for?

It serves  especially  to  retain brand followers,  to  strengthen their feeling of belonging to the brand,  so that they are perfect ambassadors for it.
Media social  or simply means  social ( social media  in English) are communication platforms online where content is created by users themselves using the loaves of Web 2.0, which facilitate editing, publishing and sharing of information.
How does Social Media work?
The  social media  is responsible for professional networking  social  of a company and takes care of the following: Developing strategies for different people in the business buyer. Creation of relevant content for followers. Monitoring of mentions to the company and care with the brand’s health.

What does a marketing planning have?

The  marketing plan  is a document in text or presentation format that contains all the market studies carried out by the company, the marketing objectives   to be achieved, the strategies to be implemented and the planning to carry them out.

How to carry out a good marketing plan?

  1. Define your business, your niche, brand and products / services.
  2. Study your market in depth (including competition)
  3. Set your short-term and long-term goals and objectives.
  4. Create a unique sales proposition.
  5. Define your traffic sources.

What is a marketing website?

An   Inbound web page is a  website  that includes in its conception an Inbound Marketing Strategy   with the aim of creating an automatic sales process, directing the content towards your Buyer Persona, to attract their attention and interest.

Sending free press releases

It is not highly advisable to use free press distribution sites as it is not proven acceptable enough to publicize your business.

Sending paid versus free press releases

Many times we want to lower advertising costs by trying to use free press delivery services, but sometimes what may be beneficial may turn out to be the opposite.
It is possible that Trying to find the economy using a free service that is somewhat deficient and with many restrictions, what is worse still will not reach an audience in line with what you are offering. In short it is not worth it.

Premium press release distribution sites often list the top news posts on their list, such as  Google  /  Yahoo! News .