Best brands of Reverse Osmosis System

Welcome to the best reverse osmosis online store, where you will find the best reverse osmosis systems with the highest quality on the market. See our expert reviews so you can choose from the best brands and determine quality, durability, flow.

The best brands of Reverse Osmosis System:

AEG AEGRO Reverse Osmosis Equipment for Drinking Water Filtration for Installation Under the Sink, White, Single

AEG AEGRO RO Reverse Osmosis Equipment for Drinking Water Filtration for Installation Under the Sink, White, Single

  • Filtration for drinking water the device can only be used in waters that comply with legislative decree 31/2001
  • Eliminate any impurities in the water; filtration down to 0.0001 microns
  • Convenience – removes chlorine taste and odor from water
  • Practical: simplified installation. Replace the filters without turning off the water

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HiKiNS RO-125G Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System 5-Stage Drinking at Home System with Large 125 GPD Membrane Flow and Water Saving [Energy Efficiency Class A +++]

HiKiNS RO-125G RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System 5-Stage Drinking at Home System with Large 125 GPD Membrane Flow and Water Saving [Energy Efficiency Class A +++]

  • High-quality design, FDA / CE certified, adopting food-grade tubing and high-quality and efficient filtering components for plug water and water to ensure you drink safe water and your health.
  • It adopts the most advanced 5-stage reverse osmosis technology to remove up to 99% of contaminants, including germs, bacteria, arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluorine, heavy metal, and thousands of contaminants, providing you with clean, fresh, and unlimited tasty.
  • 125 GPD large flow design, fast to purify water, the output exceeds the similar model about 150% in the market, saves water and is environmentally friendly with pure water and waste water scale of 1: 1, The synthetic waste water output is almost 50-60% of the traditional 50g water purifier.
  • This reverse osmosis system is equipped with a 100% lead-free faucet to ensure that it does not provide clean, healthy and safe contaminated water.
  • With a two-year long-term warranty of services, easy and convenient to install, adopt high-quality fast bonding without leakage, card closure is unnecessary.

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Water dispenser with reverse osmosis filtration.  White color.  Cold, Hot and Natural water, with Self-sanitizing Ozone System.

Water dispenser with reverse osmosis filtration. White color. Cold, Hot and Natural water, with Self-sanitizing Ozone System.

  • Cold, hot and natural water. Purifies mains water through a 4-filter reverse osmosis system
  • Automatic ozone sanitation system.
  • Anti-Spill and Drip Collection System. Temperature regulator and hot and cold On / Off switches.
  • Safety button to avoid accidental burns-Stainless Steel Pipes (no plastic taste).

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6 Stage Household Water Purifier, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System, Household Filter, Drinking Water Purification

6 Stage Household Water Purifier, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System, Household Filter, Drinking Water Purification

  • The system consists of a 6-stage layered filtration based on precision reverse osmosis (RO) technology that removes more than 1000 different types of contaminants to provide the best drinking water filtration available in the home.
  • The use of high-quality filter shell, to prevent algae growth. Effectively remove water sediment, rust, some bacteria in the microbe, etc. Excellent filtration ability, filter sludge, rust, dust, bacteria inhibition.
  • Using water pressure to provide power, there is no electricity. Suitable for installation in the household total inlet pipeline or the need for pre-filter protection, vertical, RO hanging machine. The use of high-quality hanging tablets. Mounted on the wall, the desktop can be installed, easy to install.
  • Designed by the leading manufacturer of water filters, this water system is guaranteed to remove up to 99% of all contaminants including chlorine, taste, odor, toxic fluoride, arsenic, lead, and chromium.
  • This efficient reverse osmosis system will provide your family with high quality, trouble-free drinking water for years to come. Save money, time and the hassle of buying expensive bottled water and live healthier with ultra-safe, contaminant-free water.

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Naturewater NW-RO50-G1-1 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) Equipment 180l / day Without pump Water filtration

Naturewater NW-RO50-G1-1 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) Equipment 180l / day Without pump Water filtration

  • The most modern and environmentally friendly method of water treatment
  • NO chemicals are required
  • With frame, pressure indicator, WITHOUT pump
  • All foreign substances are filtered out up to 99%
  • Easy to assemble and use

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FILTERS + MEMBRANE for Standard Reverse Osmosis Equipment, White |  Universal Measure (valid for all domestic osmosis equipment) |  iFONT

FILTERS + MEMBRANE for Standard Reverse Osmosis Equipment, White | Universal Measure (valid for all domestic osmosis equipment) | iFONT

  • FILTERS + MEMBRANE spare parts for any standard 5-stage reverse osmosis equipment of any brand. | It is advisable to change the filters every year.
  • 1 Cartridge 10 “of GAC Carbon. Eliminates chlorine, heavy materials, dioxins, pesticides and odors by adsorption. 1 Cartridge 10” of Sediment 5 microns, for the elimination of solids in suspension, earth, mud and sand 1 Cartridge 10 “of Carbon Bloc. It has just removed chlorine, heavy metals, dioxins and odors by adsorption, protecting the membrane from small particles.
  • 1 In-line Carbon Coco Postfilter with 1/4 “inlet / outlet thread connection, to improve the taste of the water. Some equipment may need connections, not included for adaptation. 1 Osmosis Membrane 5 Stages 18X12 50Gpd. The osmosis process is to pass the water through a semi-permeable membrane that completely eliminates all the impurities and metals that the water contains. This membrane is of the best quality that you will find in the market
  • European Manufactured Products | Compliance with European regulations (AENOR) | Factory technical service throughout Spain

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Reverse Osmosis Water System

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Why buy our reverse osmosis systems?

Our reverse osmosis systems have the highest quality standards, so that you can obtain a product with a lot of durability and that you do not have to spend on a product in which you must buy another in a short time or be replacing you think.

Price of reverse osmosis machines

Prices vary depending on the tkpo, size and operation, our products have the highest quality and low and affordable prices so you can install it in your home or industry.

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a water purification technology that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove larger ions, molecules, and particles in drinking water. To achieve reverse osmosis, a pressure is applied to overcome the osmotic pressure, which is a colligative property produced by differences in the chemical potential of the solvent, a thermodynamic parameter. Reverse osmosis can remove many types of suspended elements in water, including bacteria, and is used both in industrial processes and for the production of drinking water. The result is that the solution is held on the pressurized side of the membrane and the pure solvent can pass to the other side. To achieve ‘selectivity’, this membrane must not allow large ions or molecules to pass through its pores (or holes),


In water treatment, the dissolved solids when generating this pressure are retained in the membrane and only the water passes through, this is called reverse osmosis. To achieve this effect of the passage of water, it is necessary to pressurize the water to a value higher than the osmotic pressure.

How much water does a reverse osmosis reject?

Reverse osmosis membranes have the characteristics of making a continuous cleaning while they work, because otherwise, they would suffer an accumulation of pollutants and saturation in a short time, so that part of the incoming water flow carries the pollutants, salts and minerals. This is known as reject water, which is commonly 40% product water and 60% reject water, in equipment with relatively good quality water, it can be 50% / 50% or in waters with total dissolved solids ( TDS) low up to 60% / 40%.

How to assemble an Optima reverse osmosis equipment?

To assemble or install the reverse osmosis system, follow the instructions below:

emsamble reverse osmosis

When unpacking the equipment, verify that it does not present any damage caused in transit and
that it is complete with all the indicated components.

1 Sediment pre-filter.

• Eliminates suspended solids.
• Made of extruded polypropylene (melt-blown).
• 5 µm filtration.
• Measure 10 ”.

2 GAC granular activated carbon pre-filter.

• Protects the membrane and prevents its deterioration due to the action of chlorine.
• High efficiency coconut shell activated carbon charge.
• Measure 10 ”.

3 Mixed pre-filter of extruded active carbon and CTO polypropylene filter mesh.

• Its construction avoids preferential passages and the leakage of fines in the
treated water , achieving a greater adsorption capacity.
• Active carbon extruded in block.
• 5 µm filtration.
• Measure 10 ”.

4 Accumulator tank.

• 12 liters and a useful volume of 5-6 liters of treated water.
Air preload pressure 0.5 Kg / cm2.

5 Upper assembly.

• Composed of various accessories: membrane container, manometer to control the
operating pressure, flow regulator, flushing valve for periodic
and manual cleaning of the membrane, automatic shut-off valve (to avoid continuous drainage
of reject water once the accumulator tank is full) and active carbon post-filter in line
for final treatment of the water before consumption with
high-efficiency coconut shell activated carbon charge . (Pump and electrical components in models with pump).

6 Cartridge holder cup.

• Container for sediment filter cartridges, GAC and CTO.

7 Reverse osmosis membrane.

• TFC-HIGH REJECTION (70 gpd) for the separation of salts in the treated water.

8 9 10 Dispensing tap and accessories.

• For installation in the kitchen sink and thus have a supply of
treated water at your fingertips. The spout of the dispenser tap rotates 360 ° and can be placed
in the most suitable position in each case.

11 Manipulation key.

• To open and close the cartridge holders at the time of replacement.
12 Connecting pipes.
Tubes made of linear low-density polyethylene.
• Blue tube: treated water.
• Red tube: Reverse osmosis feeding.
• White tube: Interconnection with the accumulation tank.
• Black tube: Drain.

13 16 Feed valve and adapter nipple.

• To adapt the installation to the inlet of the reverse osmosis equipment.

15 Safety clips.

• Safety elements for fastening the tubes with the connection accessories.

17 Drain collar.

• For connecting the drain pipe of the reverse osmosis equipment to the sink siphon. Welcome to the best specialized store for optimal reverse osmosis systems. Here you will find the best water filtration systems so that you can weigh your purchase and make the best selection in terms of quality, price, durability, best brand, best filtration, best flow. Source

How to install the Reverse Osmosis system? 

Important points to consider before installing

 Do not connect the equipment to the hot water outlet.
 The network pressure must be between 3 – 5 kg / cm2 or bar. In
case of having less than 3 bars, you must install a unit with a
pump, EUR-50 BP. If it exceeds or equals the pressure of 5 bar,
pressure regulator rated at 4.5 bar must be installed .
 The maximum salinity that these equipments admit is 1,500 ppm.
 The water temperature must be between 5ºC and 38ºC.  The ambient temperature of the place where the equipment is located
must be between 10ºC and 38ºC.
 Before consuming the water in your equipment, it is recommended to empty the
water tank 2 to 4 times.
 If the equipment is going to be inactive for a period of time,
advises closing the inlet water tap and emptying the tank of
your equipment. When you return, open the inlet valve and
empty a couple of tanks again.


The first step is to unpack the three cartridges, removing the
plastic wrap.
Then we will place them in their container glass with the joints
facing up.
The first to place and look at the equipment from the front, and from right to
left is the sediment equipment, then the granular coal and
finally the block coal (meshed).
We will do the same with the membrane, for this, we must
unscrew the lid of the container. Remove the membrane from its
packaging (Bag) and place it inside the container. Make sure
that the end of the two joints goes to the end, and pressing


Fitting the water tap: Close the tap on the cold water hose that
feeds your kitchen tap. If not, close the general
water tap in your home.
Unscrew the cold water hose.
Install the 3/8 ”wrench included in the installation kit, placing the
gaskets (Although Teflon is better)
Then reconnect the hose to the 3/8” socket
recently installed. Connect one end of the tube to the
tap fitting and the other end to the water inlet of our equipment (8)

Dispensing tap placement: Drill a 12mm hole in the
sink, making sure that the lower part is accessible for
Insert the tap thread together with the chrome trim ring and the
sealing gasket through the upper part of the worktop or
steel sink .
At the bottom of the thread connect the remaining parts in the
following order: lock washer, washer and nut. Tighten the
nut firmly, to ensure the correct fixation of the tap on your
Insert one end of the pipe into the chrome
female thread connection , place the white plastic oval at the end of the pipe
and insert the white straight piece into the pipe. Once
we have, screw the lower thread of the tap, ensuring
tightness. Then connect the other end to
the post filter outlet elbow (FAUCET).

Drain connection: It is recommended to install the collar after
the sink siphon to avoid noises from the rejection of water,
although it can also be installed before.
Drill a 6mm hole, fit the collar by tightening the nuts.
Connect a tube for the drain and the other end to the restrictor
Storage tank connection: Do not handle the air in the
tank. Take the plastic valve (
blue handle ) from the installation kit and screw it onto the accumulation tank.

To ensure tightness, use roll (not thread) Teflon
for the tank thread and tighten by hand without overdoing it.
Subsequently, connect another pipe that connects the tank with the other
end of the post filter (TANK).


 Check that all connections are secure and
 Disconnect the tubing from the third filter outlet to the
4-way valve, leading it to a bucket or drain.
 Slowly open the tap of the water inlet and you can see how
black water starts to come out of the pipe that we have just
disconnected. Once the black (
activated carbon powder ) stops coming out (it may not come out), close the inlet
port and reconnect the tube to the four-way valve.
 Open the inlet valve again and let the equipment work for 4 hours. After
4 hours, empty the tank completely (
black, cloudy or whitish water may come out , this is normal).
 Repeat this operation 2-4 times until the water
runs clear (this process will be repeated at each filter change).
 From now on you will be able to consume your osmotic water.
 The tank that comes in the equipment is already loaded with air
(0.5kg), in no case do you have to modify it without the
consent of the manufacturer

Reverse Osmosis, Problems and Solutions

These are some of the problems that can occur frequently in the systems:


The membrane is the most important element of a reverse osmosis system, it is in charge of filtering the elements and since they retain them they begin to accumulate and must be replaced every certain period to maintain the safety and quality of the water. Reverse osmosis systems also have other types of filters prior to the membranes that are also known as pre-filters, which must also be replaced, generally more frequently since they are in charge of eliminating the contaminants that the membranes cannot, such as chemicals. harmful.

When to change the filters and membranes of reverse osmosis systems?

To know when to replace the filters and the membrane before it clogs, it is recommended to seek the advice of a specialist and to know the quality of the water prior to installation to know what type of elements are filtered and at what level.


Many inverda osmosis systems are exposed as easy to install, this may be true, but it is also recommended to be installed by a trained specialist, since it is a complex system that requires a correct connection, the revision of the present systems and the Starting the system.

To avoid problems with the installation, especially industrial ones where the output of the systems is connected to machinery or pipes for the distribution of water to certain points, it is necessary to go to a professional who provides a generalized service and not avoid major future problems.


Reverse osmosis systems need high pressure water to function in a very optimal quality; If the installation is done in a very low pressure environment, they will not work properly and the water quality will be much lower than expected.

If the inlet line where the equipment will be installed has pressure levels below the recommended, an appropriate suggestion would be to install a booster pump , such as those of the brand, to increase the inlet pressure and avoid a malfunction of the system. such as clogging problems, low flow rates and poor quality filtered water.

See some recommended booster pumps: 

Naturewater NW-R050-D1 Pressure regulating booster pump GFP-50G 50GPD Water treatment Purification

Naturewater NW-R050-D1 Pressure regulating booster pump GFP-50G 50GPD Water treatment Purification

  • Booster pumps – the ideal extension to the reverse osmosis system.
  • Improved filtration, increased ultrapure water gain.

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Naturewater NW-RO400-E2 Pressure regulating booster pump E-CHEN 200GPD Domestic water treatment

Naturewater NW-RO400-E2 Pressure regulating booster pump E-CHEN 200GPD Domestic water treatment

  • Pressure booster pumps – product for the extension of reverse osmosis equipment
  • Improved filtration, and increased purified water.

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CYBERNOVA DC12V 73PSI 3.5L / m Self Priming High Pressure Diaphragm Pump with Hose Clamps Farm / Garden / Agriculture / Vehicle Cleaning (5206)

CYBERNOVA DC12V 73PSI 3.5L / m Self Priming High Pressure Diaphragm Pump with Hose Clamps Farm / Garden / Agriculture / Vehicle Cleaning (5206)

  • Voltage: 12V DC Flow capacity: 3.5 liters per minute Water pressure: 73 PSI Current draw: 3 amps, with hose clamps
  • This is a high quality DC diaphragm pump, widely used in general industry equipment, agriculture, agriculture, agriculture (lawn and garden), soil cleaning, water purification and water treatment equipment. dosing pump, air conditioning pump, flow pump, hydraulic test pump, booster pump.
  • Dimensions: Length 130mm x Width 100mm x Height 60mm
  • Package Included: 1 x Diaphragm Water Pump with Hose Clamps
  • Each pump needs to be tested with water before shipping, so it is normal for the pump body to keep some water inside, and the water is a kind of protector for the pump, which ensures that the pump works no problem when it starts working.

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Reverse osmosis systems use a backwash system , which removes the impurities that remain when water is forced through the membrane and increase utility. This waste water must not be reintroduced into the system and must be handled correctly as it often represents up to 20% of the water entering the filters. It is important to treat the waste water properly, otherwise it can mean system problems and poor quality of the filtered water .


These multi-stage systems use several water filters, as well as tanks that store filtered water and can be quite large and take up a lot of space; therefore, if they are not installed in suitable places, it can cause problems, generally in areas with small spaces. Ideally, install the system at a strategic point where there may be room for handling.


  • The water comes out with little pressure: Sometimes it can happen that you open the tap and not a drop of water falls. This is the most common problem encountered by owners of reverse osmosis equipment. It can occur for several reasons: that the water enters with a very low pressure from the pipe, a failure in the installation of the membrane or the pressure of the tank of the device itself. The low pressure in the tank may be due to a leak in the pipes of the installation. Therefore, the first step is to check if the tank is full or contains less water than normal, and if it is the second case, check that there is no connection failure in any of the pipes. If you have not found any dripping or leaking water in the installation, contact a technician who can do a more thorough check.
  • The tap is leaking : The reverse osmosis system is directly connected to a tap in your home, usually the one in the kitchen, which is where you will take water to drink. If that faucet drips frequently, parts with too loose a connection may have been left during installation. The solution is simple: tighten all the connections on the appliance and on your tap. The tap or the drain makes a strange noise : Depending on the type of installation of your system, it can happen that the air makes noise when it is pushed by the water through the tubes and pipes. Repositioning those tubes could be a quick fix, although there are models that don’t allow such a thing. If the noise is excessively annoying, contact a technician.
  • No water comes out of the tap : If your osmotic water system is old and you have not done a correct maintenance of the membrane over time, it may be causing problems. When the membrane retains salts and impurities, they remain trapped in the filter. If it is not cleaned regularly or the membranes are changed often, you can experience clogs that would prevent water from flowing out of the tap in the most severe cases.
  • Water tastes bad or smells bad : One of the main goals of reverse osmosis systems is to improve the taste of tap water. If the water tastes bad, there is definitely something wrong. The most common cause of this problem is the poor condition of the filters. For these devices to work properly, they must have a clean filter, in perfect condition.


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How reverse osmosis works

The  reverse osmosis  is a water purification technology which utilizes a semipermeable membrane to remove ions, molecules and particles larger in drinking water. … The result is that the solution is retained on the pressurized side of the membrane and the pure solvent can pass to the other side.

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