110Mm Thermal Printer



110Mm Thermal Printer




WMC Thermal Printer Label, Barcode 110mm USB / Bluetooth Printer Portable Auto Peeling Thermal Paper Sticker Printer

  • 110mm wide printing width: support up to 110mm thermal label paper, wide width can be printed easily.
  • A second high-speed print: high-speed batch printing at speeds up to 160mm / s save 2-3 hours a day.
  • Transparent paper compartment design display: Transparent paper compartment design, you can clearly see the inside of the printer away from paper in some cases.
  • Professional print head prints clear: A professional thermal print head, stable performance, clear printing, longer life.
  • Automatic test paper more accurate positioning: dual positioned paper sensor quickly test paper to ensure the accuracy of printing position

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What is a printer? Thermal Printer 110mm

Many times we are worried because we do not have a printer at hand that can print your invoices or tickets easily, but be careful in this online store you can find the 110mm Thermal Printer available in amazon,

We have diverse printers, from the zebra gk420t that have a very wide versatility, the Thermal Printer 110mm ncr 7197 with an unbeatable quality in printing, and let’s not forget the 110mm Wi-Fi Thermal Printer whose function and advantages are unlimited, both from the Epson brand such as HP, and other related brands.

Even why not buy a 110mm Thermal Printer for cell phone? you can’t imagine the advantages it has.


How printers work Thermal Printer 110mms

The 110mms Thermal Printer printers do not use ink cartridges of any kind, since the printing is done from the paper it uses, a special thermosensitive paper that, on contact, turns black.


Advantages of 110mms Thermal Printer printers:

  • Economical: By not using ink, you only have to purchase the paper as a consumable. In addition, the cost of maintenance is practically non-existent.
  • Quiet and precise: As there is no percussion mechanism, they are barely noticeable, and paper jams rarely occur.
  • Small and compact: It does not have relatively large mechanisms, since the head does not have to strike.
  • Reliability and quality, simple and clean.


  • You need to purchase a special role.
  • The 110mm Thermal Printer printing is only monochrome in black, and only in the most recent models, using a special paper, it can additionally be printed in red or blue.
  • The wear of the ticket printing, particularly in environments with high temperatures, makes the durability of the printing relatively low, since the waxy layer of the paper reacts with the temperature and causes over time the text written on the same.
  • For the reasons previously described, they are inadvisable in work environments with high temperatures. Such as dry cleaners or kitchens.

In conclusion, we can affirm that the 110mms Thermal Printer printers are the most common among ticket or POS printers, since they are found in the vast majority of shops of different areas and functionalities.

What is a ticket printer?

The 110mms Thermal Printer printers are the typical ticket or POS printers found in the vast majority of businesses, restaurants, shops, etc. These have many advantages, among which is the use of thermal paper rolls that allows lower printing costs, reliability and, ultimately, quality.

What is 110mm Thermal Inkjet Printer?

Our printers of injection of ink Thermal Printer 110mm based technology HP (Hewlett Packard) are a set of simple, economical and compact marking perfect for printing packaging. … It also allows printing directly on the product, as long as the surface to be printed is flat.

What is a printer and types of printers?

A printer or printing device is a peripheral that , when connected to a computer or to a computer network by wiring or wireless connection, offers the possibility of printing the texts or graphics produced by an application on paper or other types of substrate.

Cheap 110mm Thermal Printer

Find the best cheap thermal printers on the market, with the same efficiency and quality as the others.

110mm Portable Thermal Printer

These printers are widely used due to the ease with which they can be moved, in a world where everything moves, there is nothing better than moving your printing along with your business wherever you go.

Scales With Printer Thermal Printer 110mm

On our page you can also find the scales with a 110mm Thermal Printer printer included, go to the scales section.

What is 110mm Thermal Inkjet Printer?

Our thermal inkjet printers based on HP (Hewlett Packard) technology are a simple, economical and compact marking system perfect for packaging printing.

What is a thermal discoloration printer?

Main features of the printer Thermal Printer 110mm. … Instead, just like laser or sublimation printers , it uses heat as the transmitting medium to print. Therefore, this printing must be done on a special heat sensitive paper called thermal paper.

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